Thuraya MarineComms keep you connected at sea, whatever type of vessel you are crewing and wherever you are within Thuraya's satellite footprint. Thuraya's products and solutions keep you in touch with your port of origin, other vessels, crew at opposite ends of your ship and with your loved ones at home.
Thuraya EnergyComms deliver powerful communication solutions to some of the world's most inhospitable environments. Thuraya's reliable satellite communication solutions provide security and convenience for inland-based energy crews or offshore oil and gas rigs, refineries or exploration missions.
When natural disasters strike, communication links are usually disrupted. To disaster relief workers, these links are essential in accurately assessing the scale of the disaster, and to ascertain where and how relief operations can be initialized. First response can mean the difference between life and death.
Whichever military theater you operate in, reliable and secure communication is mission-critical. Thuraya's satellite network and range of robust hardware, built to withstand the toughest of terrains, ensures you stay close to your military units regardless of their location.
Thuraya AviationComms ensure you remain in total control, making communication in the sky as easy as if you were on the ground. Thuraya provides reliable, mobile and secure connectivity between headquarters and your aerial assets, whether fixed wing or rotorcraft.
Thuraya MediaComms enable your media organization to break news as it happens, even from the most remote regions. In the highly competitive broadcast media, timeliness, access to information and the accuracy of your message are imperative. Demand for simultaneously-available written content and video broadcasts within the rapidly converging media landscape has never been greater.