Orbcomm CT 3500

The CT 3500 is the next evolution in remote reefer management, enabling complete visibility and control of assets at every point in the supply chain on land, rail or sea. Our state-of-the-art telematics device provides shippers and carriers with comprehensive reports, analytics, alerts and remote two-way control of reefers to help streamline container operations and drive efficiencies. The CT 3500 includes unmatched global LTE coverage, supports wireless sensors, LoRa, Bluetooth 5 and NFC technology, and has optional satellite connectivity.


Improved Asset Visibility and Management
Vastly improve reefer container operations, decision making and business
planning with cutting-edge technology that works with the ReeferConnect and
VesselConnect platforms to show reefer location, status, critical data and analytics.
Reduce operational costs with efficient handoffs and pre-trip inspections; minimize
claims and losses by protecting temperature-sensitive cargo; improve customer
experience with shipment location and status and more. The CT 3500 can be
installed permanently, or temporarily with quick installation and removal for
monitoring guest reefers and single trips on a vessel or while at a yard or terminal.
Use an app to simplify installation, troubleshooting, and provisioning of the device
and additional sensors.

Cargo Damage and Claim Prevention
Mitigate costly claims with customizable alerts that notify when reefer temperature
or humidity levels leave normal ranges and when malfunctions or route deviations
occur. Two-way control enables quick corrective action by allowing the adjustment
of set temperature, humidity, controlled atmosphere parameters, cold treatment
and more, all from a centralized location. Add ORBCOMM’s 24/7 monitoring service
for additional support while containers are in transit.

Streamlined Inspections
Our solution helps eliminate unnecessary delays and optimizes turn times at ports
by allowing carriers to run pre-trip inspections remotely while empty reefers are on
a vessel to save on labor costs, expedite cargo distribution and improve ROI.

Simplified Data Log Access
Address a key industry challenge with a powerful battery that enables remotely
powering up a dormant reefer’s micro controller and downloading data logs without
sending personnel into the field. The battery is designed to last for the life of the
reefer, enabling continued visibility even when the reefer is not in use

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