Orbcomm ST 6100

ORBCOMM ST 6100 satellite terminal delivers complete visibility and control of industrial assets operating in remote areas. The versatile, environmentally sealed ST 6100 can be installed on mobile assets such as light-and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, railcars, fishing vessels, heavy equipment and more. And with two-way satellite connectivity, the ST 6100 is ideal for remotely monitoring and controlling fixed and portable assets used in SCADA applications such as those in the energy sector, where access may be restricted, including pipelines, flow meters, pumps, generators and tanks


Easy integration

ORBCOMM makes it easy to bring IoT solutions to market. The fully
programmable ST 6100 includes comprehensive resources to facilitate integration
into a wide range of custom solutions. The resources include development,
testing and production environments, documentation, code samples, device-level
configurable applications and free technical support.

Global satellite connectivity

The ST 6100 delivers reliable global communications over the IsatData
Pro satellite service for uninterrupted visibility of operations and
access to business-critical field data in even some of the world’s most
remote locations. And because of its two-way connectivity, users can
remotely control assets without sending workers to the field.

Comprehensive feature set

ORBCOMM’s next generation ST 6100 leverages the latest technology
advancements to offer enhanced functionality at great value. The internal antenna
features exceptional low elevation angle performance, allowing one device to
support both terrestrial and maritime applications. The terminal also features a
built-in accelerometer, expanded memory capacity, and enhanced support for
global navigation systems—GPS, Glonass and Beidou.


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