SOG 320

The SOG320 is an elegant, robust, high-quality, PTT portative with a simple design. Communication permission without distance limit, thanks to 3G, 4G LTE or WIFI connection.


Refined and Forceful Sound

Equipped with 3 Watts superb loud speakers . With our countless sound debugging, you can feel the power of the refined and enforced sound during your Team Communications.

Reliable and Ruggedized

It is IP67 certified to resist water, dust and shocks and can be dropped from 1.5 m high. Ensure continuous communication in the harsh environments and have key conversations with your team.

4000mAh Bigger Battery Capacity

Removable 4000mAh lithium polymer battery and provide a more safe and reliable use. It supports over 48 hours of 10/10/80 operation (10% transmit, 10% receive, 80% standby).

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Category : Land Voice



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