Airbus Dabat

Tactilon Dabat is the world’s first smartphone with a full TETRA radio inside. This represents a huge leap in TETRA evolution.


Tactilon Dabat The large 4.7-inch touch-screen is ideal for sending messages and it is designed also for gloved touch. A real push-to-talk button makes it easy for the user to talk to TETRA groups. Tactilon Dabat offers the functionality once found only on TETRA radios. What’s more, it can open rate on any standard TETRA network on the 380-430 MHz
frequency band. Tactilon Dabat is powered bya 4800 mAh removable, longlasting and rechargeable battery. This rugged device is rated both IP65 and IP67. Audio processing functions let
users hear others loud and clear, while mapping apps and GPS ensure that the control centre will know the user’s position. Tactilon Dabat has a still and video camera for capturing theaction and TETRA groups for sharing images in a controlled,safe way. The Hex mount system allows the device to be worn on the lapel for capturing video for the control centre or colleagues.

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