Newsroom - 26 Januari 2024

PT SOG Conducts VMS (Vessel Monitoring System) Socialization in Pantura (Kluwut, Batang, Rembang), (11-13 Oktober 2023)

From October 11th to 13th, 2023, PT SOG Indonesia conducted a VMS (Vessel Monitoring System) awareness campaign in the Pantura region, specifically in Kluwut, Batang, and Rembang, Central Java. The aim of this event was to introduce the VMS tool to ship owners in the area with the hope of providing significant benefits to fishermen and the surrounding community.

The PT SOG Indonesia team actively promoted the VMS tool to ship-owning companies and ship managers in the vicinity of Kluwut, Batang, and Rembang. Throughout the three-day activity, the team delivered presentations, provided detailed explanations of the functions and benefits of the VMS tool, and addressed participants’ questions. During the implementation, PT SOG Indonesia received positive support from ship owners and managers. This awareness initiative is a strategic step by PT SOG Indonesia to support the enhancement of knowledge and the application of cutting-edge technology in the fisheries sector in the Pantura region.


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